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When you need your website designed or updated, all you can think of is creative agency birmingham . But this current web design and online marketing juggernaut had some humble beginnings.

Our agency was a result of 3 young minds coming along during the turn of the century to harness the immense potential that the still young concept of the internet provided. That was the start of the Web Design Agency Birmingham.

The fledgling company recognized the need for businesses to have an online presence through websites because that was the “next big thing.” annual report design consultants were hired and the company started growing, attracting one client after the next.

Then came the advent of social media. And with that came the realization that social media would change the face of marketing forever. We took to providing online marketing services to clients through social media and recognizing the increasing importance of SEO, hired more staff specializing in these areas. And thus the modern face of the agency was born, which has become of the fastest growing web design agencies in Birmingham. Choose web design, choose Web Design Agency Birmingham!

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